Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Emily's Third Birthday

This year we had Emily's birthday party at the MS Children's Museum. It was at 9:00 in the morning, great time for donuts and fruit instead of cake. The kids played while we set up for a Dora Party and fun was had by all!! I'll never forget the look on Emily's face when she walked in the room to see all the Dora stuff. As I soaked in her image, I forgot to get a picture. But just close your eyes and picture her mouth drop, then cover her mouth with both hands as her eyes got really big. She then whispered..."Dora". After a refreshing breakfast the kids were at it again. That was such a great place to have a party, I think Emma might be having hers there as well. We are so blessed that Emily's family and friends were all able to come and celebrate!

Little Cougarettes

Emma went to a Little Cougarette Clinic and had a blast. She learned a new dance and was able to perform at the NWR high school pre-game show. I forgot my camera that night, but I got it all on video! I hope I can find a friend with pictures. If I do, I'll be sure to put them on here.
Emma's new friend, Maddie. She got her autograph and everything.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Some of my favorite pics and memorys with the girls.

One day Emma and I decided to play with Emily's hair. It turned out so cute with her little bow!

Is this not the sweetest little sister looking at her big sister?!!

While I was getting supper ready, chili, Emma said she wanted a Fancy Dinner. And so she got it! I pulled out my fine china and washed the dust off and found some candles to light. (I can't even believe I had some.) She even said we needed name tags like at my cousins rehearsal dinner...and so we did. Mitch couldn't believe I was letting her use "the good stuff". And to tell you the truth, neither could I. I just decided that if it breaks, it breaks. I can buy more. My little angle wanted a fancy dinner, was that too much to ask for?! I think it's a memory we will all treasure. Oh, and yes Emily had gone to bed. :)

My cousin Will's wedding...

Emma was asked to be in her first wedding this past fall. She was so excited!! She loves fancy stuff so this was right up her alley. The dress, the big bow, earrings and she even had her own flowers to carry. But she wasn't the flower girl. Oh no, she was a junior bridesmaid...
Mason, Emma's cousin, was in the wedding too. We had to be at the church (out of town) real early for pictures. I was glad Mason was there too for Emma to play with.
Will's mom, Aunt Joyce, and Emma

Mitch came later, like right before the wedding so Emily wouldn't have long to get tired, and we tried to get a family picture. (insert laugh) That never works.

I was so proud of Emma!! She did such a good job during the wedding, and after a long day of pictures.

And Emily...Well, let's just say, I watched most of the wedding from the foyer of the church.

Gotta love this (wild) sweet girl!!

Emma's Pow Wow

The K4 students at Emma's school have a Thanksgiving Music Program. They start off with the musical that has hand motions and ends with each class dancing around the campfire. Emma was so cute and did a great job!
After the program, there was time to take a few pictures of the class and then off to the Pow Wow in the classrooms.
These are pictures of the 5 children that grew up at "Momma Beth's" house. They have become so close over the years. I hope they stay close through college! Although I hope Emma does not go to State with these friends!!! HA HA!

More post to come soon, I hope. I really need to catch up! For now, I'm off to get Emily glasses...that's another post I hope to get to soon!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This Halloween season started with Emma's gymnastic costume night.
Later that night, the annual carving of the pumpkin! Mitch loves carving the pumpkin with the girls. Well...with Emma. Emily didn't really have time for all that. She had mowing to do.

Last night we started the evening off with our neighborhood party and hayride. The girls had a great time. Emily LOVED the blow up slide so much that she really did not want to leave. Emma had fun with her new friend that she made at the NWRE parade. They saw each other and acted like they were long lost friends reunited. It was so cute.

That night, another hayride with trick or treating. We love going with our friends each year and Emma has always has fun. This year was Emily's first ride. She was scared at first. But by the end of the night, she was walking to doors all by herself and jumping back on the hayride for more! I have really loved all the memories life has brought us. And I look forward to more.

Emily is 2 years old!!

Emily had her birthday party at The Play Place this year. She walked in and played with everyone until we left. I was surprise how well she did. Thank goodness for a good nap that day.
Everyone seemed to have a great and relaxing time watching the kids play.
We sang Happy Birthday and then Emily didn't know how to blow out the candles. So I began to blow on her cheek thinking she would then blow. However, you can see I had to grab her hand. She put out the candle with her fingers!!!
After the party, Emily gave balls for her treats. As you can see, my brother had a blast with his. Oh yes, he asked for one too. The cousins took the balloons outside and had a balloon release. It was so pretty!

State Fair

We met a few friends and cousins at the fair. All Emma wanted to do was ride a roller coaster. She got that and much more.
Emily got tired of watching and wanted to ride too. Well, that's all it took and she was very happy to get back in her stroller. Emily did not like the ride at all!
But I am so glad she experienced the ride.
Emma braved the bull ride...she did pretty good too!

The girls went to see the Snake Lady and Mason took Emma down the slide.

To end the day, the kids wanted to go on the Indiana Jones obstacle. And they had a great time!

Last stop for my 2 girls...Duck Game. I love this game more than the girls I think. They got some great prizes too, Pom Poms and a crown.

Zoo Trip

Our October was full of fun!! First stop...The Zoo! Emma got a map to help us out on our tour. She was able to tell us where all the animals were. Such a great tour guide!
Emma's favorite, the elephants. Emily's favorite, being out of the stroller!

After our tour and playtime, we had a great picnic across the street. Followed by the train ride. What a wonderful time!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

OK, I've been talking with some friends and I think I've got my page set up so I will not need to go private. We'll see if the mess continues. Oh, and I'll try to update pictures soon too. LOL...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Going private soon!! Girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!! Let me know if you would still like to view...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break!! 2010

As I reflect on our Spring Break, we sure had our ups and downs...
I cleaned house like a mad women last Saturday and Sunday scrubbing EVERYTHING in site!! I wanted to be able to enjoy my Spring Break with the girls without having to worry about cleaning~and I did!! We stayed home and had a great time just doing nothing for a few days.

(All of these pictures were made with my iPhone, so they are not of the best quality.)
Emma LOVES Hannah Montana and enjoys dressing up to be Hannah.
One night, after messing up my van by running into the garage door, we went skating in Clinton with cousins. Emma had such a great time!!

One day I ran by the YMCA to sign Emma up for T-Ball. While I was paying I put Emily down to run around. Emma and Emily were having a good time until...This large family came plowing in. One child was pushing a stroller with about 4 other kids running around. Needless to say, the mom wasn't looking and that child ran over Emily. I mean they seriously had a wreak!! The stroller crashed into Emily and pushed her a little way. I have never been so speechless, while having so much I wanted to say. Check out below her right eye. Poor baby!!
On a different note about Emily, she got tubes in her ears this week!! I am so glad too. She has literally been sick with an ear infection since October. And that my friends has not been fun for anybody involved.

So this is my sweet baby while waiting to go back and get her tubes. She was not happy in her little hospital gown on, starving and sleepy!!

But after a little relaxing medicine...she was feeling no pain!

I was laughing so hard at her, that I had tears in my eyes. The nurse came in the room to check on her and take her back. While she was in there, she saw tears in my eyes. She thought I was sad about Emily going back and began telling me it would be ok...I just smiled. Needless to say, everything was ok and Emily is back to normal.

Enjoying beautiful weather with Daddy, on the one day he came home early!!
(I hate tax season!!)

It's become a family tradition with my cousin PJ to take Emma to the St. Paddy's Day parade. We have be going for 4 years together. When Emma was born and the St. Paddy's parade was coming up...with tax season Mitch couldn't go...so PJ went with us. We even took Emily last year. (Not this year though, she is at the running around stage and putting everything in her mouth.) But we took Emma and our crowd is growing.

Will and Sarah went with us for the 2nd year, and Emma stayed on his shoulders most of the day. Poor guy!

Aunt Joyce bought her a crown.

This year, PJ kinda hung back with his dad.

By the end of the parade, Emma had soooo many beads. And we have been playing parade all morning. We took turns being the parade and throwing beads and catching them. This is a picture of one tired little girl!! But she had a great time!!
I can't wait until next year!! I am hoping to take Emily back. We found the perfect spot with lots of kids, a band and nice restroom. Can't beat that!!